Bochnia Salt Mine Best Value Private Tour

Bochnia Salt Mine Best Value Private Tour


  minimum 5h, zwykle około 6h

  most often suggested 9:00 am, other departures available (for tours in English the only departure available is at 13:30 from Krakow)

  Volkswagen Caravelle,Multivan T5/T6, for bigger groups: Mercedes Sprinter

  from 119 PLN


The Salt Mine in Bochnia is the older sister of Wieliczka. Few people know that it is also on the UNESCO list. It is worth knowing that the Salt Mine in Bochnia is the only mine in Poland that offers visitors an underground crossing by boat. Bochnia is a 45-minute drive away from Krakow. For many years, the mine in Bochnia was a powerhouse, and like Wieliczka brought huge profits to the kingdom. Bochnia is associated with the legend of the ring of St. Kinga, which you can find out about during the tour. It was not until the 17th century, the period of wars and economic collapse, that the development of the mine stopped. The Bochnia Salt Mine joined the permanent list of tourist destinations in the early 1990s.


We offer trips to the Salt Mine in Bochnia in the PRIVATE TOUR option. We created this option to satisfy the most demanding of tourists. In addition to choosing the start and end times of the trip, a private comfort-class car with a private driver, the undoubted advantage of this version is the possibility of a private guided tour of the Bochnia Salt Mine. In this case, please make a reservation at least one day in advance. Only then we can guarantee full flexibility due to the ever rising interest in the mine in Bochnia.
After the trip, our driver will take you to your chosen destination in Krakow, be it a restaurant where you can spend a pleasant evening/afternoon or another of the many attractions that Krakow has to offer. This option for an additional cost also allows you to extend the driver's services until the end of the day. Please provide this information at the time of booking so that we can fully tailor the offer to your needs.

praktyczne wskazówki PRACTICAL TIPS

  • Free wifi is available all the time on board our cars.
  • We recommend choosing brunch in the additional options, a perfect complement to our offer, filling, full of healthy ingredients lunch-box in six versions to choose from, it will be a great solution on the go.
  • We offer free drinks throughout the year (sparkling/still water, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Red Bull) optional for each participant when booking a trip.
  • The trip is possible every day of the week, regardless of the weather. In the case of rain, we provide umbrellas and raincoats. We recommend taking warmer clothes and comfortable shoes.
  • If you have more luggage with you, you can leave it in our luggage storage in the office or take it with you in the car where it will also be safe. At the client's request, the company can rent for the duration of the visit a sachet for handy things.
  • The maximum size of the bag/backpack that you can bring to the mine is 30cm / 20cm / 10cm. If you have larger luggage with you, you can safely leave it in the car or use the storage room.
  • Photographing and filming require no special permit.
  • A short break and the possibility of using the toilet appears consecutively 40 and 90 minutes from the beginning of the tour.
  • The mine has an unchanging temperature throughout the year around 14-16 degrees Celsius.




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